Not your average manic pixie. Probably too real for you. Just not bound to social constructs. Still very much in touch with my emotions and reality. I am a queer artist. Swiss-Native American Taiwanese. Most of my upbringing was spent on an island called Singapore before living in Switzerland and Hong Kong. Then I finally had the courage to move to New York when I was twenty to finish my degree in Art History at Pratt Institute School of Art and Design.

For the next decade I would spend my time creating in Brooklyn and downtown Los Angeles, California. In between the coasts I retreat back to the countryside where therein lies my quintessential southern roots. Every now and then I find peace away from urban spaces to be alone and one with nature. Iā€™d imagine that other creatives might feel this way too as it has always been like this for us.

What you see on this site is only a fraction of the life that I have dedicated to the arts. To one of its most ancient traditions that is.. the existence of portraiture. Behind the lens of the female gaze, I explore the concept of the inner psyche in representational forms. This freedom of expression and the process of that journey by means of the human body is an innate part of mankind. Sources of my inspiration originate from things like the Cosmos, introspection, dreams, music and individuality.